Developing Coaching Skills


Coaching Conversations – 1 day Workshop


Coaching is increasingly being seen as way for organisations to develop it’s people and is proven to improve performance, relationships and personal development.

Utilising external coaches for a prolonged period can become expensive, hence we have a proven coaching workshop that develops the coaching abilities in your team leaders, managers and leaders whatever their current level of ability.

We are able to further embed the learning from these highly interactive workshops by following up with one to one sessions, once delegates are actively delivering their own coaching.

Our coaching conversations workshop focus on quickly developing the core coaching communication skills of your people, giving them the feeling of confidence and knowledge that they are able to return to the workplace effectively implementing these skills.

RPCM’s expert and qualified executive coaches take time out of active executive coaching to deliver this highly interactive training workshop. This workshop has already been delivered within organisations such as Johnson & Johnson, NYU and EDS


A typical coaching workshop will include:-


Module 1: Coaching:


  • Introduction to coaching
  • The core skills of coaching
  • The most effective way to coach
  • Coaching for: personal development, facilitating positive change, skills acquisition, feedback and
  • performance, to reinforce learning in training
  • Interactive activities putting into practice the concepts discussed. These exercises will use the real situations
  • presented by the attendees and facilitator
  • Situational Leadership
  • GROW model and NLP Well Formed Outcomes

Module 2: Feedback:


  • Soliciting, giving and receiving feedback
  • A useful model that can be customised
  • Feedback: timing, frequency, manner, content, questioning and listening
  • Application of core coaching skills to feedback
  • Appropriate language & the language of leadership
  • Johnson & Johnson – Coaching, Feedback and Delegation

Module 3: Delegation


  • Delegation as a key management skill/leadership tool
  • Benefits to individuals, teams and business
  • Delegation: setting up/preparation, follow through (monitoring and feedback) and the barriers
  • Being a recipient of delegation
  • Different levels of delegation and links to situational leadership

We are able to follow up this training with a programme of coaching, utilising both onsite and remote delivery. This enables your coaches to have access to experienced professionals who are on hand to provide support and guidance whilst they practice and unconsciously embed their new coaching skills.

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for anyone who is supervising, managing or leading people and is suitable for all levels of experience.

It offers many opportunities to practice the techniques being presented and so also learn extensively from group exercises as well as the experience within the group as a whole.