Customer Care & Customer Service


Do you know what’s going on in your customers mind?
RPCM delivers customer care workshops to a variety of organisations including retail, government and the service sector.


  • Do you recognise that customer care is the key to successful,
    profitable and enjoyable business, yet feel that your company - or people within it - are failing to deliver what is required?
  • How many of your ‘loyal’ customers are talking to the competition?
  • Promiscuity, how promiscuous are your key customers?
  • Customer Tolerance - what impact the recession? What impact on you?
  • Tactical relationships, your ‘pleasant customer’ or ‘your really crucial customer’?
    Which one gets your biggest smile?
  • Is the customer always right? - No? Now what should you do?
  • How and why should you be in the loop with your customer’s social networking communications?
    Do you care?
  • Leaky customer processes - how many missed opportunities a day? Where are your leaks?
  • Do you recognise up-selling flags when your customer is waving them at you?
  • What really bothers your customers? Are you prepared? What can you do before it happens?

RPCM have now delivered this interactive customer care workshop to over 300 companies. Contact us to find out more... can you afford not to?

We are able to incorporate actors into these workshops, for many service sector companies this has enabled an experience where the gap between a training situation and the workplace is considerably reduced leading to increased effectiveness and immediate performance improvements.


“I learnt some very useful tools and techniques which I will apply in my business”

Recruitment Company, West Midlands


“I will immediately review how I manage my customer relationships”

Ebusiness Company, Wolverhampton


“The workshop was extremely interactive and very enjoyable”

Source Appointments, West Midlands


“I have learnt how to improve my business through enhancing my customers experience”

Consultancy, Birmingham


“I have learnt new skills and ideas which will help me in my recent promotion”

Training Company, Telford


“Very Interesting, I learnt techniques to manage and reduce customer problems”

Manufacturing Company Customer Service Manager, Wolverhampton


“Very useful and thought provoking day”

Medical Practice Manager


“A good experience with a wealth of info”

Retail Chocolate Maker, West Midlands


“An enjoyable workshop – a lot of information to take back and share with my team”

Retail Manager