Management & Strategy


RPCM consultants have much experience in delivering management and strategic consultancy within many sectors and disciplines.


Business Planning:

Our business consultants will help your organisation clarify and reach consensus on their business objectives. We explain why it is important to differentiate strategy from vision. Sharing this vision is a prime motivating force for staff and creates the impetus to achieve objectives.


Once agreed, the business objectives have to be converted into practical plans. These plans cover the provision and application of resources and the measurement of performance. Business plans should also anticipate alternative scenarios that could deflect the company from its chosen course. They should help the business to be proactive, rather than reactive to events.


We will use our experience to help you develop your business plan and also assist you in taking any aspect of your plan through the complex implementation and change process that will take you to your vision.


Driving Business Change:

Our consultants encourage organisations to improve their competitive advantage and effectiveness through identifying the areas that need to change and working closely to achieve the transformation that is required. This can often mean implementing a program that transforms organisation configuration as well as the culture and behaviours of the people operating within it.


Process improvement adds value to a business by developing corporate structures, processes and procedures to support this realignment. It is not a finite process. If implemented successfully it will create a culture within which an organisation will place importance on quality, continuous improvement and service excellence.