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Here at RPCM we offer you a flexible, client focused and trusted advisory that evolves with your developing long term needs. 

We will only engage with you if it is clear that the cost of our services is outweighed by the value that we bring. It is our ultimate mission that your experience of working with RPCM feels positive from the start to the completion of our clearly agreed objectives, leaving a feeling of success that resonates throughout your organisation.

We specialise in passionately working with companies and their teams, transforming whole organisations, services and cultures in line with business needs and priorities.

RPCM employs the services of the some of the most talented and experienced consultants within the industry, many of whom have worked with major global outsource and BPO corporations, such as EDS, IBM and PA. It is these skills and experiences that will engage with you in order to develop new possibilities, options and solutions that will move your business forward utilising the consulting experience typical of  the major global players, but without the excessive costs you would normally see associated with this high calibre of expertise.

Please view our service portfolio for examples of how we may assist you with your business objectives, whether they be focused on strategy support and implementation, service improvement, programme management, contract management or working with us to tap into and release the energy within your organisation through a focused coaching or training programme that will deliver excellence in your leaders and in your people.

Once we have identified and agreed your requirements we will work to turn these possibilities into reality through execution of our agreed plan. We naturally work to transfer our knowledge to further support the development of your organisation.


Please contact us now for a brief introductory meeting, so that we can start to understand your requirements and explore further the possibilities for us to work together.


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